Memorial Day Monday May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Remember to honor and thank our Veterans and current Military Men, Women and their Families

Events for Memorial Weekend

For events in Washtenaw Click Here for Details

Livingston Memorial Events

Parades, gatherings and more to honor our Veterans Click Here for Story

Take a Few Minutes to watch this video and honor those who have and do pay for our Freedoms Everyday


Forever With Us All: A Memorial Day Remembrance

By Dr. Paul Kengor | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Memorial Day always brings another constant, a sad one: each new Memorial Day brings fewer World War II veterans. They are leaving us at a rapid clip. Anyone who entered World War II at age 18 in 1945 — the final stretch when someone could have joined the war effort — would now be 86 years old. Anyone who entered the war at age 18 in 1941 is 90. There aren’t as many now as there were 10 years ago, and 10 years from now … well, do the math. … more

Which US Senators Control the Immigration Debate?

Who are the power brokers and what special interests are they representing? Click Here for Details

Fighting Mosquitos and Ticks

Good ways to fight summer’s pests Click Here for Story

Should AG Holder be Allowed to Investigate Himself?

Conflict of interest is quite clear Click Here for Details

London Murderer Had Been Arrested in Kenya

Arrested trying to join Islamic terrorist group Click Here for Story

Obama Shrinks US Military

Weakening our forces? Click Here for Details

Fast and Furious

Ammunition disappears from shelves faster than a speeding bullet? Click Here for Story

Iran Deploys More Missiles

Massive amount of long range misslies now being deployed Click Here for Details

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