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What Did He Know? What Did He Order?

Why Barack Obama and most of the U.S. Congress are Guilty of ... Obama was in on the plot to frame General Flynn? Click Here for Story

Biden Will Go for  Women of Color

Val Demings talked about as potential Biden VP - Orlando SentinelWill V al Demmings be Biden’s VP pick? Click Here for Story

Restaurant Association’s Reopening Guidelines Look ‘Totally Impractical For Many’

Some, maybe many, ‘aren’t going to make it’


Dr. Birx sees encouraging signs, but warns people of second wave ... Dr. Birx doesn’t trust the CDC data Click Here for Story

What Data is Driving Gov. Whitmer’s ?

Explanations from the governor are confusing and lack detail

Bring Back Flynn?

VP Pence says he’s welcome Gerneal Flynn back to a government position Click Here for Story

That’s Nancy Stupid

(Screen Capture) Speaker Pelosi says food stamps stimulate the economy Click Here for Details

Cheat by Mail

Pelosi will try to get mail in voting in next stimulus package Click Here for Details

1 in 3?

30% of Corona deaths were in nursing homes? Click Here for Story

president xi and director general tedro adhanom ghebreyesus shake hands

New report says China told WHO to delay reporting on Covid 19 Click Here for Details

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