Monday April 16, 2018

Of Course Not…

Tim Kaine and Mike PompeoSen Tim Kaine along with other obstructionist American hating Democrats won’t vote for Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State Click Here for Story

Michigan universities would get an additional $28.6 million from the state next year if they cap student tuition and fee increases below a certain rate. This year’s cap is 3.8 percent, and Gov. Rick Snyder has recommended the same for next year.

State budget officials recently projected a 2018 inflation rate of 1.7 percent, and 2.0 percent for 2019. So the rate set by lawmakers to reward universities for tuition restraint still lets these institutions raise prices on students by around twice the rate of inflation.

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The Wrecking Ball?

Here’s what FBI agents are reportedly saying about James Comey’s book — and it’s not goodFBI employees not happy with Comey’s book Click Here for Details


POTUS approval numbers hit highest yet despite the media and the left Click Here for Story

Bolton Evolves?

John Bolton seems to be evolving on Syria and the Middle East Click Here for Details

Opposing Sanctuary

California residents and local atuthorities revolting against Sanctuary supporting state government Click Here for Details

Whose Side is Booker On?

CAIR thanks Senator Booker for supporting Islam but not gay rights? Click Here for Story

Comey Admits Bias in Hillary Email Investigation

How did Comey handle Hillary Clinton differently? Click Here for Story

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