Monday August 12, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

What’s This Bernie?

Sanders campaign staffers manhandling the press? Click Here for Story

Look Behind The Raw Numbers On Michigan Police Pay

In one Kent County city, officers make almost 50% more than average household

More Revenue in Lansing Seems Like a Higher Priority To Gov. Whitmer Than Fixing The Roads

It’s more about raising taxes than it is about roads

What Happened?

Former inmate at where Epstein was kept adds to the rumors Click Here for Details

Hoekstra for New DNI?

Hoekstra emerges as favorite for top intelligence postFormer Michigan Congressman in the running for top intel post Click Here for Story

Eye on Portland

Will violence erupt as left and right extremists meet? Click Here for Details

Common Sense or Common Ground on Gun Legislation?

What would be acceptable to those who support the 2nd Amendment and those who want gun control? Click Here for Details

Death Facts

More people die by hammer than rifles Click Here for Story

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