Monday December 30, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Capitalism Not Socialism!

Free market is fixing income inequality Click Here for Story

Liberals Not Punishing Anti-Semitism

Hate attackers released quickly from custody in New York Click Here for Details

Three Reasons to Oppose New Corporate Incentives 

The argument against Michigan’s ‘Good Jobs’ program

Church Shooting in Texas

Ends quickly as armed members respond Click Here for Details and Video

Decade’s Top 10 Legislators For Missing Votes: 9 Represented Detroit

Site that tracks state representative and senator yeas and nays also shows not present

Back in Iraq?

US launches air strikes in Iraq against Iranian backed militias Click Here for Details

Dumbest Predictions of 2019

Yes they are pretty wacky Click Here for Story

Democrats Promote Drug Culture?

Pete Buttigieg.  (Getty Images) Buttigieg wants no jail time for Meth, Ectasy and Cocaine possession Click Here for Details

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