Monday December 9, 2019 The Daily Drift

Oh No Joe!

Image result for joe biden  Biden’s latest dirty laundry Click Here for Details and Video

Digging Into Ukraine

Democrat Intolerance

As polls drop for Dems their hate grow Click Here for Details

Surprise from Justice Ginsburg

Image result for ruth ginsburg  Allows Trump team to block access to Dems for records Click Here for Story

Schools With Many Poor Families Get More Per Kid In Michigan, Not Less

Activist calling for illegal teacher strikes still makes claim

CNN Says What?

Trump is winning? Click Here for Details and Video

Another Waste of Time

Liberals trying emoluments as way to get rid of POTUS Click Here for Story

The Trump Economy

Over 7 million jobs created since Trump elected Click Here for Details

Record Employment for Hispanics

New employment records again Click Here for Story

Saudi Filmed Terror Attack

Terrorism in Pensacola Click Here for Details


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