Monday January 28, 2013

Crazy Week for Weather

Ice, Rain, Warm and Cold Click Here for DetailsĀ 

RTW Success in Michigan Contagious?

Idea is gaining strength in neighboring states and Ontario Click Here for Story

More Michigan Students Opting for School of Choice

Despite polls of general population more students and parents want school of choice Click Here for Details

Law Attempts to Prevent School Board Members From Voting On Contracts For Relatives

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

A single school board member votes and a contract is approved 1 to 0. This might sound incredible, but theoretically it could happen as the result of legislation that was passed last year…Click Here for More

The Divider in Chief

Polling shows Obama is plarizing the country Click Here for Details

Reformed Liberal Shows Common Sense

David Mamet converted to being a conservative and unloads on the left Click Here for Story

Sequestration Will Happen?

COngressman Paul Ryan says yes Click Here for Details

China May Benefit from Afghanistan

Other countries bleed but China will profit Click Here fo Story

Explosion at Iranian Nuke Facility

Sabotage or accident? Click Here for Details



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