Monday July 15, 2013

Getting Healthy

The Huron River is getting cleaner Click Here for Details


Justice Found

Gary Wellings, Chief Editor

Despite all the hoopla from the race baiters and the attempt by the media to extort a story of racist murder from a justified self-defense case, justice came indeed at the hands of 6 women some of them mothers.  The attempt by the media to show the Trayvon Martin killing as a racist act of violence first by a white man against a black youth and then a “White Hispanic” was the real  …Click Here for More

MichiganVotes: Senate Bill Would Increase Government Housing Subsidies

By Evan Brubaker and Jarrett Skorup |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority would be bolstered by Senate Bill 347, which, according to, would, “empower the MSHDA to use money in reserve funds to ‘invest’ (buy ownership interest) in companies or nonprofits whose ‘primary purpose is to acquire ownership interests in multifamily housing projects’ (and not necessarily build new ones).” … more

Bigotry from NAACP?

NAACP wants Justice Department to indict a person of color? Click Here for Details

Media Sold a Bill of False Goods

Zimmerman is not what the media wanted him to be, hear interview with George Zimmerman’s brother Click Here for Story and Audio

Are Democrats Turning on Hispanics?

Jury verdict doesn’t go the way the Dems and Liberals want so they’ll turn on Hispanics? Click Here for Story

FBI Evidence Won’t Support Department of Justice on Zimmerman

Will the politics of the Martin killing outweigh the truth? Click Here for Details

Did DOJ Fund Trayvon Martin Protests?

Documents show Department of Justice has a problem Click Here for Story

Senator Levin Wants War?

Calls for airstrikes in Syria Click Here for Details

Eeeeewwwww! Snail Facial

The newest beauty trend? Click Here for Story

One Common Sense Rapper

Not all celebrities have jumped on the Trayvon bandwagon Click Here for Details

Stupidity of the IRS

Giving billions in refunds to illegal aliens Click Here for Story

Big War Games

Russia has biggest war game exercises since Soviet times Click Here for Details

Asiana Airlines May Sue Over Fake Names

Fake pilot names from TV station may end up in lawsuit Click Here for Story

See Video of on air mistake on pilot names  below

and the apology play below

 The Investigation the DOJ Should Start

Department of Justice should investigate the prosecutors in Zimmerman Trial Click Here for Story


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