Monday June 11, 2018

Watching the Summit

 The world watches Click Here for Details

The Hiding Continues

Senator Grassley is growing impatient with DOJ and FBI refusing to provide answers Click Here for Story

 Liza Parkinson is the president of the Utica Community Schools teachers’ union. She works a second job and says teachers need to do that to support their families. Parkinson made $107,402 in 2016-17. … more

Just Jail Him Already

Billionaire and liberal operative George Soros laments Hillary’s loss, failure of his other agendas Soros laments his anti-American agenda is failing Click Here for Story

Phony Brow

PM Trudeau’s policies aren’t the only fakery going on Click Here for Details


Does McDonalds and other corporations hold the secret to denuclearizing North Korea? Click Here for Details

No Blue Wave?

Is Pelosi and the Democrats sinking their own chances? Click Here for Story

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