Monday May 13, 2013

U of M Hospital Has High Charges

And who pays them? Click Here for Details

Obama Doubles Down on Health Care

Obamacare is here to stay? Click Here for Story

Making Excuses

High profile Dems look to protect Hillary Clinton Click Here for Details

Congressman Rogers Says More to Come

More whistleblowers from Benghazi tragedy will testify Click Here for Story

Blast from the Past…

In light of new testimony on Benghazi, let’s not Forget Hillary Clinton has a history of lying     Play Video Below

Muslim Group sues Christian Group

Christian Action Network getting sued by Muslims of America for accusation Click Here for Details

IRS Scandal Deepens

Other groups that criticized the Federal government also targeted by IRS? Click Here for Story

Why College Costs So Much

Public University Presidents’ salaries getting bigger… fast Click Here for Details

McCain Finally Get Something Right?

Calls Benghazi a “Cover Up” Click Here for Story

Fund Raiser in Chief

Obama to attend 3 fundraisers just on Monday…isn’t there work to do? Click Here for Story


Congressman Issa confronts Ambassador over Benghazi Click Here for Video

Mother’s Day Shooting

17 shot at Mother’s Day Parade in New Orleans Click Here for Video

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