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Why Republicans Fail

Senator Grassley asks why a failed politicized Inspector General was removed ? Click Here for Story

Yep CDC Has Phony Covid Numbers

Death count inconsistent at best Click Here for Details and Video

Nonsensical Decisions

Governor Whitmer is destroying an entire industry and not basing her decisions on factual data Click Here for Details

Michigan AG Dana Nessel Says Rebel Barber ‘Not A Hero,’ ‘Not A Patriot’

Says jail a ‘last resort’ but license suspended

Superstar Patriot

Richard Grennell shows he’s not backing down from draining the swamp Click Here for Story

A Tale Of Two Governors

Whitmer applauded by mainstream media, called ‘dangerous’ by conservative voices

Say Yes to Hydroxy Chloroquine

Doctors saying Hydroxy Chloroquine is working despite the media and vaxers dismissing it Click Here for Story and Video

Yes They Should Be Fired

Ron Jonson: 'I don't disagree with' administration over firing of State Department IG

Getting rid of corrupt IGs is long over due Click Here for Details

Lock Downs are Failing

The American people and the data show lock downs are not a solution Click Here for Story

Still the Divider in Chief

(Screen Capture)

Obama pushes his divisive brainwashing on our children Click Here for Details

Reopenings Safe?

So far no spikes in states that are reopening Click Here for Story

More Lies From Obama Employees

New documents suggest Obama’s Ambassador to Ukraine lies under oath Click Here for Story

Stopping Huawei

Telecom company is just an intel arm of the Chinese Communist Party Click Here for Details

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