Monday November 25, 2019, TheDailyDrift.Com

Rudy on Fire

Rudy Giuliani hits back at the biased Main Stream Media’s cover up Click Here for Details


Image result for elizabeth warren  Democrat Senator Warren would help foreign investors over Americans? Click Here for Story 

Tlaib Against Corporate Welfare Except When She Votes For It

In Michigan House she voted ‘yes’ on giving $1.031 billion to corporations

Another Lie Told During Impeachment Hearing

Image result for george kent   George Kent caught in a lie that supported Democrat phony allegations ? Click Here for Story

Hunter Biden Was Fair Game Before

Image result for hunter biden  New York Times attacked Hunter Biden over Ukraine in 2015 Click Here for Details

Bloomberg All In?

Is gun grabbing billionaire Michael Bloomberg ready to give POTUS a full try? Click Here for Story

DOD Drama

Secretary of Defense asks for Secretary of the Navy’s resignation? Click Here for Details

Ignorant Media

MSNBC set impeachment debate (Saul Loeb / Getty) MSM is not looking at facts before reporting? Click Here for Story

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