Monday October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

FBI Had Newest Emails for Weeks?

Questions abound as to timing Click Here for Story and Video

U-M’s New ‘Chief Diversity Officer’ Will Collect $385,000 per Year

  The University of Michigan’s new chief diversity officer will collect $385,000 a year under his various job titles, including a new one created by a recently revealed $85 million, five-year U-M diversity plan. … more

Abedin Violated Legal Obligation?

Didn’t turn over all classified info Click Here for Details

FBI Gets Warrant for Wiener Emails

 Connecting emails recovered from Weiner to Clinton email investigation Click Here for Story

Polls Have Beeen Tampered With

ABC and WAPO manipulating polls Click Here for Details

650,000 Emails Found

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton greets a crowd in Pompano Beach, Fla., on Sunday. Email recovery is huge! Click Here for Details

Trump Took Lead Before FBI Announcement

Is the Hillary campaign imploding? Click Here for Story

Why Hillary Terrifies People

Those who have gone against the Clintons are in danger? Click Here for Details and Video

Syrian Rebels Use Poison Gas

Gas fired at government forces Click Here for Story and Video

Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS?

6Latest bomb drops from WikiLeaks Click Here for Details

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