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Iran Plots Assassination

South African Ambassador warned of Iranian plot Click Here for Story

Why Schools Must Reopen

Single parents have yet another problem on their plate CLick Here for Details

Left-Wing Group Funneling Money To Lansing Voter Outreach, Triggers Election Law Complaint

‘Targeting a demographic to increase turnout’ is flip side of targeting ‘to suppress the vote’


Sports stars and celebrities supporting attacks on cops is sick Click Here for Details

The Globalists’s Plan

UN and globalists plan to use systemic racism as a tool to undo the US? Click Here for Story

Harvesting Social Media

China is at it again harvesting social media data from American’s posts Click Here for Details

Investigate Netflix

(Photo Illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images)

Senator asks DOJ to investigate Netflix over alleged child porn show Click Here for Story

War on Christians

Ethiopian Orthodox Christians take part in the celebration of Timkat, the Ethiopian Epiphany, in Gondar, on January 19, 2020. - Timkat is the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian festival which celebrates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river. (Photo by EDUARDO SOTERAS / AFP) (Photo by EDUARDO SOTERAS/AFP via Getty Images)

Islamic extremists execute hundreds of Christians Click Here for Details

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