Saturday April 14, 2018

Syrian Strikes

US, France and Britain launch missile attack on suspected Syrian chemical sites? Click Here for Details

Disreputable Comey

Trashing the reputation of the FBI Click Here for Story

State Law May Drive Job-Seeking Michigan Woman To Move Elsewhere

  Donna Williams grew up in Michigan, but is thinking about moving to Las Vegas because the licensing laws in her home state make it difficult for her to pursue her passion to work as a makeup artist. … more

Racism on the Left

Leftists shout down conservative black NFL legend at lecture for speaking against his ‘own people’Conservative African American NFL star shouted down for his views Click Here for Story

The Latest on Cohen Seizure

Trump attorney seeks injunction against seizure of records Click Here for Details

Approval Rating

Trump Approval rating holding at 50% Click Here for Details


Europe mulling robots as people? Click Here for Story

Attacking Syria

Is it illegal or not? Depends who you ask Click Here for Details

Democrat Agenda for 2018 Elections

Just impeach Trump no positive agenda Click Here for Story and Video

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