Saturday April 27, 2013

The News You Need to Know

More Rain

Warmer weekend but rain on Sunday Click Here for Story

Brighton Bank Robbery

Photos released of suspect; can you help? Click Here for Details

Commentary: Public School Lobbying Worse Than ‘Skunk Works’

Concerns about “backroom dealings” insincere

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol COnfidential

Most of the criticism of the program has been partisan in nature or has come from public-sector unions that will, of course, fight any threat to their virtual monopoly. While it is correct to say that it is in the self-interest of charter public school operators to expand school choice, it is just as true that it is in the unions’ interest to restrict choice, competition and even technological advances if it would mean less union jobs. … more

Commentary: House Budget Puts Roads Above Film Subsidies

Some Republicans protecting Big Hollywood corporate welfare

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

If road funding is so important that it would literally “save lives,” there is no excuse to continue sending money to Big Hollywood productions. … more

How Much Chinese Influence?

DC Lobbyists have strong and growing ties to China Click Here for Story

What’s the Real Skinny on This Saudi National?

Coincidence or is a game being played by the Feds? Click Here for Details

Making It Painful?

Is Obama inflicting pain on the public to try and end the sequester? Click Here for Story

GOP House Fixes Air Traffic Control Problem

The House votes to end FAA budget issue from sequester Click Here for Details

Bombers Do Have Connections to Al Qaeda?

Surviving bomber says no but evidence is beginning to point to it Click Here for Story

Not Going to THAT Party

Tom Brokaw not happy with what the Correspondent’s dinner has become Click Here for Details

Wanting Almost Half

House Democrats want 45% of those making a million Click Here for Story

Whats Wrong with Our Intelligence Services?

Letting spies into our ranks? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side

$20 Billion project sees fusion breakthrough Click Here for Story

Immigration Bill Will Bring in 33 Million People?

33 million new immigrants in the next decade if passed; what will that cost and how will that affect the job market?  Click Here for Details


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