Saturday August 3, 2019 The Daily Drift

Happy Birthday Dona! 

Pinocchio Booker

Senator Corey Booker caught lying about voter suppression Click Here for Story and Video

Whitmore Lake Taxes

Voters being asked for a recreational millage Click Here for Details

Cut the Budget, Raise Taxes or Wait

The forgotten option of the Michigan road funding debate

Michigan Marijuana Offenders Languishing In Prison? Bills Would Change That

Just-signed New York law automatically clears records of past offenders

Comey Gets Off…For Now

James Comey over leaked memos Click Here for Story and Video

Odd Way to be a Conspirator with Russia

Trump Admin hits Russia with more sanctions Click Here for Details

Ohh the Negativity

Democrats are looking very negative Click Here for Story

Trump Economy

Record numbers working Click Here for Details

Love the Cherries

Cherries Can drinking cherry juice improve memory Click Here for Details

And Another Record

Black youth employment hits new record Click Here for Story

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