Sunday December 2, 2012

Obama The Softie

WH Doesn’t support the newest Iranian Sanctions Click Here for Story 

Internet Under Attack!

Bureaucrats want to limit, control and tax Click Here for Details

School Bureaucrats Oppose School Reform

A2 School Superintendent doesn’t like thought of reform Click Here for Details

Who Will Lead Livingston County Commission

3 Commissioners eyeing position Click Here for Story

Just Said No To State Obama Care Exchange

A complicated issue Click Here for Details

Becoming the 24th Right to Work State

Right to work does not end collective bargaining Click Here for Story

Unions Gear Up to Fight Right to Work

Unions will spend big bucks to fight their loss of their monopoly Click Here for Details

Right to Work Facts

Ignore the myths and sensationalism Click Here for Facts on Right to Work

Blamer in Chief Takes No Responsibility

Obama says GOP is holding middleclass hostage when he refuses to make any cuts Click Here for Story

Why the GOP Needs to Say NO

Obama wants $1.6 tillion tax hike and unlimited credit card spending Click Here for Story

Ryan Schools Giethner

Treasury Secretary shows his shortsightedness Click Here for Video

Obama Admin Wants to Stop Fracking?

CDC wants to ties fracking to water contamination Click Here for Details

Keep the Employees Quiet?

Obama issues new guidelines to stop government whistleblowers? Click Here for Story

Goodbye to Internet Freedom?

Germany looks at internet “Google” tax Click Here for Details

Get Your Vamp On

Serbian town fears vampire or is it a tourist ruse? Click Here for Story

Thanks Uncle Sam

US households hit 43 year low on net worth Click Here for Details



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