Saturday December 21, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Class Warfare

Democrats look to divide America even farther Click Here for Story

Michigan Bureaucrats Want to Force Unions on Pot Businesses

Labor interests want to use state regulations to grow union revenue

Study: Legislators Authorize Penalties, Unelected Bureaucrats Decide Where They Apply

Accumulated regulations ‘fiendishly complex, sometimes contradictory, or incomprehensible and unenforceable’

Change of Heart?

One actor changed his tune on President Trump Click Here for Details

Klobuchar Wins Financially?

Klobuchar raises $800K in online donations since debate Dem debate scores big cash for one Dem candidate Click Here for Details

Phony Christians

Christianity Today  magazine works with Soros Click Here for Story

What Democrat Policies Do…

California now the least educated state Click Here for Details


Nearly 100 MS-13 gang members busted in New York Click Here for Story

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