Sunday December 30, 2012

Abortionists Slam Snyder

Governor signs concerning abortion clinics Click Here for Details

Parker Seeks Appointment

Don Parker wants to replace Jay Drick who had to resign Click Here for Story

One Well Paid Hypocrite

MASA Director complains about charter schools taking taxpayer money while he sucks up a fat salary from taxpayers Click Here for Details

RTW Foes Make Illogical Comparisons

Giving workers a choice to pay union dues is nothing like Nazism Click Here for Story

Union Protest Numbers Inflated?

Did the MEdia inflate the number of pro-union portestors? Click Here for Details

Last Ditch Effort or More Theatrics?

Fiscal cliff negotiations seem more for show than finding real solutions Click Here for Story

Negotiations Won’t Make Any Difference

Spending is being ignored by both sides Click Here for Details

Why Obama Wants to Go Over the Cliff

Trillions in new dollars to spend so he can grow the government Click Here for Story

Arizona Sheriff’s Move to Protect Schools

While the country debates Arizona makes big moves Click Here for Details

Blaming the Guns Won’t Solve the Problem

The easy target is not the problem Click Here for Story

Piers Morgan Threatens to Deport Self?

Unless America changes gun laws TV host says he’ll leave. Click Here for Story

Gun Sales Continue to Surge

Virginia gun show sell out Click Here for Details


Saturday December 29, 2012


Common Sense Survives in France

Court rejects 75% millionaire tax Click Here for Details

The Worm Turns

Oliver Stone now sees Obama for what he really is? Click Here for Story

Adopting Adults

In Japan adopting an heir is big business Click Here for Details

Cliff or Not; We’ll Get Ours!

Obama orders payraise for Federal Employees, staff, VP Biden and Congress? Click Here for Story











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