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2nd Naval Shooting

The suspected gunman, Saudi second lieutenant Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani,reportedly  condemned the US as a 'nation of evil' before going on his shooting rampage at Naval Air Station in Pensacola early Friday morning (pictured by NBC 6 South Florida)3 dead in shooting at Pensacola base Click Here for Story And Here for More Info

Remember Pearl Harbor

December 7th Day of Infamy Click Here for Story

Trump Economy

Latest Jobs Report looks great Click Here for Details

Whitmer Ran On Road Repair Promise, But Will Spend Less To Fix Them Than Last Year

$40 million less; her one suggestion was a steep gas tax hike

Not Christian Behavior?

State rep offended by Christian prayer caught stealing form charity Click Here for Story

Latest on Drug Bill

Rift among GOP senators on drug bill Click Here for Details

Dems Going Establishment?

Vice President Biden with Secretary of State John Kerry in 2016. (Photo by Zach Gibson/AFP via Getty Images)  Biden gets John Kerry endorsement Click Here for Details

Not The Street Fighter

Lindsey Graham refuses to do to Adam Schiff what Adam Schiff does to Republicans Click Here for Details



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