Saturday February 22, 2014

U of M Hires Minority Recruiter?

To help diversity? Click Here for Story

Liquid Manufacturing Closes

Property sold at foreclosure Click Here for Details

Analysis: Misleading Commercial on Electric Rates

Comparison to Texas invalid, dishonest

By Michael Van Beek | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

If the deregulated Texas electricity rates “shot through the roof,” it might be said that Michigan’s monopoly rates rocketed through the stratosphere because they increased more than those in Texas. … more

Hospital Union Resorts to Intimidation Tactics Against Workers Who Opt Out

AFSCME local joins other unions bullying members who exercise their rights

By Tom Gantert and Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Kollin VanDenHeuvel is a college student in a 90-day temporary position that offers no benefits at Flint’s Hurley Medical Center. So he said he saw little advantage to joining the union. In response, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1603 union posted his name on a bulletin board at the hospital to serve “notice” that he exercised his rights under state law and opted out of the union. … more


Left Trying to Pre-Emptively Attack GOP Presidential Candidates

  Scott Walker in the sights of Dems Click Here for Details

You’ll See More of This

Democrats have no answer to simple question about Obamacare Click Here for Story

Whats Happening in Venezuela?

San Cristobal ayer    Not much info being reported Click Here for Details

House GOP Will Stand Against IRS

  Legislation to protect Americans from the IRS Click Here for Details

Interference of the Press

FCC taking first step toward controlling the press? Click Here for Story

Truce Signed in Kiev ?

But see Live video for yourself Click Here for Details

Gun Production Hits New High

   Despite best efforts by Obama and the Left gun ownership climbs Click Here for Details

Is Support for Abortion Racist?

Statistics shows more African American abortions in New York than births? Click Here for Story

Muslim Censorship

  Muslims in Britain want satirical article on a muslim preacher censored Click Here for Details

Revolving Door of Corruption?

  Fired Obama advisor gets top White House position? Click Here for Story


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