Saturday July 27, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

No It Doesn’t Boost the Economy

Per the CBO $15 minimum wage will not boost the economy despite what Democrats say Click Here for Details

Power Outages? Utility Renewables Schemes May Mean ‘Get Used To It’

Michigan’s big utilities also plan for you to just have less to use

Michigan Schools Serving Poor Cities Get More Funding

An inconvenient fact for some public school interests


AOC says its time to de-colonize Puerto Rico? Click Here for Story

Meteor Shower

The latest shower peaks this weekend Click Here for Details

Call Your Congressman

Economy killing Carbon Tax raises its head again Click Here for Story

UFO Latest

The snake UFO? Click Here for Details and Video

Obstruction of Justice?

Only from the Democrats Click Here for Details

No Help for Apple

There will be no waiver on tariffs for Apple Click Here for Story

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