Saturday July 6, 2013

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Snowden Gets Asylum Offer

Venezuela and Nicarauga make offer to take in Snowden Click Here for Details

See Protests Live in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood protestors don’t match numbers of true democracy seekers Click Here for Video

A Pretty Safe Fourth

No major injuries in Washtenaw for the Independence Holiday Click Here for Story

Mixed Signal on RTW?

Michigan Supreme Court won’t expedite any ruling on Right to Work Click Here for Details

Obama Tells Africa Tea Party Members are Domestic Terrorists?

 Did the President inform a business group in Tanzania that Tea Party groups fit the profile of Domestic Terrorists. Is this your President or was this story untrue? Click Here for Story

Hospital Lobby Driving Medicaid Expansion

Jack McHugh’s Senate testimony on Obamacare

By Jack McHugh |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Hospital lobbyists have been pushing to get Medicaid expanded in Michigan because both profit and nonprofit operations stand to benefit greatly.  … more

The Back Peddler

Secretary of State Kerry was on his Yacht during the latest Egyptian Crisis despite his denial. Why does this Administration lie about even the smallest things? Click Here for Details

Violence Back in Egypt

Protestors clash in Egypt over Morsi ouster Click Here for Story

Another Reason to Not Vote for Hillary

The Clintons backed the Most Wasteful Projects in Haiti Click Here for Details

Pro-Abortion Supporters Like Satan?

Chanting “Hail Satan”? Click Here for Story and Video

$65 Million Down  the Toilet

Obama Admin gave $65 million to support Morsi Government? Click Here for Details

Is Obama Backing Muslim Brotherhood?

Administration comments are extremely parsed Click Here for Story

Are the Police Getting Militarized?

Have police stops gotten progressively more aggressive? Click Here for Details

People Moving to Part Time?

Is Obamacare sending more people into part time employment vs unemployment Click Here for Story

South America Angst Against Obama Imperialism?

Us pressure on Snowden is not helping relations in South America for the US Click Here for Details

Snowden: WhistleBlower or Spy?

Did he do the right thing or is he a criminal? Click Here for Story




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