Saturday May 25, 2013

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Stupidity Gets Students Suspended

Uof M indefinitely suspends two wrestlers for possessing Molotov Cocktails Click Here for Details

Donations for Veterans Memorial

Donations will get matched Click Here for Story

Lawmakers Looking At MEDC Transparency

By Jack Spencer |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

MEDC is a quasi-governmental and private entity that is supposed to spur economic activity and promote the State of Michigan. Although the amount of funds MEDC spends annually has been significantly reduced under Gov. Rick Snyder, it continues to have access to millions of taxpayer dollars. … more

Head Start a False Start

Follow the research to help low-income students

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The House and Senate budgets call for more money for Great Start, which funds preschool for 4-year-olds in the state. But the bulk of the research on large, wide-ranging programs like Great Start and the national Head Start show that the results are dubious at best. … more

Mystery Contribution Kept ‘Dues Skim’ Alive

Union gave dummy employee $12,000

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The status of the $12,000 the union gave to the dummy employer to help keep the “home health care skim” alive an extra 17 months remains a mystery. … more

Cat Got Their Tongue?

White House not talking about Holder signing off on DOJ probe of Fox reporter Click Here for Details

Are We Not Caring for Our Veterans?

Many of our vets are suffering Click Here for Story

Snooping on its Enemies?

DOJ wanted to keep Fox reporter under surveillance without him knowing Click Here for Details

Did AG Holder Lie Under Oath?

It sure looks like it Click Here for Story and Video

Video Surfaces of Takedown of London Muslim Murderers

Eyewitness phone videos now public Click Here for Story and Video

Unions See the Light on Obamacare?

Its turning out that the unions who pushed for it now don’t like it either Click Here for Story and Video

Disrespecting the Military?

Obama failed to salute Marine? Click Here for Details

Promoting Bad Behavior

Obama promotes state dept official who edited the Benghazi talking points Click Here for Story

Muslim Riots Continue

5th straight night in Stockholm Click Here for Details

Multi-Culturalism Isn’t Working

Immigrant Muslims refuse to assimilate Click Here for Story

IRS Scandal Not New

Conservatives have been targets of Obama Campaign since 2008 Click Here for Details


IRS looks at conservatives but ignore Indian Tribes? Click Here for Story


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