Saturday October 18, 2015

Stunning Loss for U of M

Fumble gives win to MUS Click Here for Info

With Half of the Students Chronically Absent, New Truancy Law Would Strip Welfare From Families

Some school districts in Michigan have as many as half of their students or more “chronically absent,” meaning they have missed more than 10 school days in a year. A new law that goes into effect in June could strip families with truancy issues of their welfare assistance. … more

A US Muslim Invasion?

Wake up its coming to a town near you? Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

Chameleon Clinton

  Watch Hillary fake a southern accent for votes Click Here for Details and Video

The Fix is In?

Jim Webb says Dem debate was rigged? Click Here for Details

Communism Alive and Well

Trevor-Loudon-LoudonClear  Despite what you thought the evil and stupidity is here and growing Click Here for Story link contributed by Pgh ExPat

The Fool

Secretary Kerry shows his foolishness on comments about Israel Click Here for Story

Who Is Protecting Hillary?

Special treatment and obstruction in email and Benghazi scandals Click Here for Details

Do Western Voters Support Russian Ops in Syria?

A Russian Aerospace Defense Force jet drops air bombs on Islamic State facilities in Syria © Russian Defence MinistryDespite media coverage and White House talking points some polls seem to show the people support Putin’s actions in Syria Click Here for Story

2nd Amendment…In Israel?

Israelis arming themselves as stabbings continue Click Here for Details

Don’t Blame Denmark

Hillary and Bernie both wrong on where Denmark is headed after experimenting with Socialism Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat


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