Saturday October 17, 2015

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U of M vs MSU

THE game is here this afternoon! Click Here for Details

Beware Claims of State Budget Cuts

A common refrain heard from policymakers is that there is no extra money in the budget for roads, or for most any other priority. Michigan’s continued economic growth, however, has in fact resulted in extra cash available to meet the Legislature’s spending priorities. … more

Hillary Laughs at Mention of FBI Investigation

Two out of Three Detroit Public Schools Students Deemed ‘Chronically Absent’ by State

Despite a new attendance policy that could see truant students and their parents actually prosecuted in court, more than two-thirds of the students enrolled in the Detroit school district are still classified as “chronically absent.” This is defined by the state as missing more than 10 school days in a year. … more

Enough with the White Privilege!

got-privilege1Teachers being brainwashed for guilt at training conferences Click Here for Details link contributed by Pgh Expat

Democrats Support Lawlessness

Senate Dems block bill to stop the lawlessness of Sanctuary Cities Click Here for Story

Obama Flip Flops on Offshore Drilling

Cancels drilling leases in the Arctic Click Here for Details

The Hypocrisy of Liberal Goals

The support of conflicting goals Click Here for Details link contributed by Pgh Expat

Burning Christianity

Image via   Palestinians burn the Tomb of Joseph in West Bank Click Here for Story and video

Did Bernie Earn his VP Slot?

Even cooper knew that Bernie Sanders would back Hillary on emails Click Here for Details and Video

Hillary Broke the Law?

FBI probe also looking at Gross Negligence Click Here for Story and Video

Slow Poke Joe

AP Photo Biden almost ready to make decision Click Here for Details

Obama Doubles Public Debt

 Guess how much households are responsible for now? Click Here for Story

Advice from A Loser?

Trump and Romney  Mitt Romney lectures Trump on how to win? Click Here for Details

Obama Responsible for Palestinian Attackers

Mideast Israel Palestinians  Supporting terrorists has empowered attacks on Israeli citizens Click Here for Story

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