Saturday October 3, 2015

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A Mammoth Find

Framer finds bones of Mammoth in Chelsea Click Here for Details

How to Improve Economic Development Transparency

The state is looking to improve its transparency and is targeting its economic development reports. … more

Told You So…

Obamacare rates could jump 50% in Minnesota Click Here for Details

Some Hero’s Shine

Chris Mintz, originally from North Carolina, was attending his second year of community college in Oregon and was among those shot in Thursday's tragedy. (Image source: W  Oregon tragedy shows how some Veterans and First Responders excel during times of crisis Click Here for Details

Economy Not so Hot

 Jobs report nothing to shout about Click Here for Story

Whose Side is Obama On?

Argentina says Obama Admin tried to get them to provide nuclear material  to Iran Click Here for Details

Doing the Job the US Should Have?

© Russian Defence MinistryDid Russia just level an ISIS command center? Click Here for Story and Video

Narcissus in Chief

Obama refers to himself how many times in 12 minute speech? Click Here for Details

Use the Tragedy

Obama so off base on latest shooting Click Here for Story and Video

10 Myths of Gun Control

Plenty of facts to face anti-gunners with Click Here for Details

The Obama Economy

  Record number of Americans not participating in work force Click Here for Story

The End of NATO

Vladimir Putin  Between Putin and Obama NATO may meet its end Click Here for Details

DOJ Working for Soft Jihad

Sues town for refusing to allow Mosque to be built Click Here for Story

Revelations in Syria?

Are the alliances and attacks in the Middle East the beginning of Biblical Prophecy? Click Here for Details

Jeb Dropping in Polls

Now down to 4% Click Here for Story and Video

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