Sunday December 8, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Perp

FBI identifies Pensacola shooter Click Here for Details

And Other Missing Saudis Being Looked for Click Here for Details

Who Will Spin What?

Horowitz Report and Impeachment proceedings compete for Monday attention Click Here for Story

Teachers Union HQ Contracted Out For Janitors, Opposes Same For Schools

Half of all Michigan school districts outsource custodial services

CNN Paying the Price

Non-stop impeachment coverage is costing CNN ratings Click Here for Story

Border Problem

Record numbers of African Immigrants at US Mexico border? Click Here for Details

Flashback Hypocrite

Rep. Nancy Pelosi delivering her speech against Clinton's impeachment, Dec. 18, 1998. (Screen Capture)  Remember what Speaker Pelosi said about the Clinton impeachment? Click Here for Story

Democrats Ignore the Law

Will impeach without any laws having been broken Click Here for Details


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