Sunday July 14, 2013


Not Guilty!

Zimmerman found not guilty Click Here for Details

Sticking to His Principles

Senator Joe Hune says no to taxes Click Here for Story

Elvis Sighting?

Elvis Festival in Ypsilanti Click Here for Story

‘ER Visits Won’t Increase’ Claim By Medicaid Expansion Advocates Remains Dubious

By Jack Spencer Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

One of the promises Obamacare proponents make is that the law will reduce this reliance on emergency room care. However, it may be more likely that Obamacare will actually increase the pressure on emergency rooms, not decrease it. … more

How the House Passed the Farm Bill

GOP managed to pass bill without the emotional food stamp issue Click Here for Details

Did Photo Journalist Capture His Own Death?

Video shows shooter  aiming gun at journalist Click Here for Story and Video

Will Feds Ignore Evidence in Zimmerman Trial

Eric Holder may brings charges against Zimmerman Click Here for Details

US Not Serious about Iran

Israel may have to handle Iranian Nuke problem alone Click Here for Story

No Friends in South America?

Bolivia charges US was hacking emails of top Bolivian officials Click Here for Details

A Cancer Cure on Horizon?

Small company develops help for T-Cells Click Here for Story

Protestors Ignore the Facts

Take to the streets over Zimmerman verdict because of emotion not facts Click Here for Details

Race Baiting Continues

Al Sharpton not satisfied with the truth Click Here for Story



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