Sunday May 10, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Why We Need Rapid Decentralization

Food processing has become centralized and thus the weak link in our supply chain Click Here for Story

77 Executive Orders, 16 Lawsuits


More proof that Tara Reade allegations have some merit Click Here for Details

Court Of Appeals Shuts Down Saginaw Administrator’s Special $144K Union Deal

Judges school litigants on definition of ‘at-will

Election Cheating

Vote by mail will allow Democrats to cheat in 2020 election Click Here for Story

FBI Manufactured a Crime

Flynn wasn’t being investigated he was being set up Click Here for Details

When Was US First Corona Case?

Earlier than you’re told Click Here for Story

The Guilty Mouse Speaks

Obama begins to rattle as evidence mounts of his treason Click Here for Story 

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