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Told You So?

Denmark says corona spread has not accelerated after opening the economy Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Tyrant

Politically Incorrect Humor - Page 5 of 267 - Daily Memes, Jokes ... Governor Whitmer now says some businesses can open Click Here for Details

Move Toward Home-Based Businesses Accelerates

‘The pandemic has only made it more obvious’

Democrat Backfire

POTUS approval rating gets better through pandemic Click Here for Story

Amazon Snitching On Michigan Retailers For Alleged Price Gouging?

Online retail giant sending attorney general local store names and sales data to aid in state enforcement

Alive and Well?

Kim Jong-un New report  and pictures seem to show Kim Jong Un may be alive Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Top Race Baiter

(Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Rep Rashida Tlaib shows she’s nothing but an agendist Click Here for Story

Destroying America

Another month of lock down may mean no food for those unable to work Click Here for Details

Definitely Not #MeToo Treatment

Tara Reade being harrassed Click Here for Story

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