Sunday November 17, 2019 TheDailyDrift.Com

Democrats Think Voters Are Stupid?

Using focus groups to find simpler impeachment terms they feel voters will understand Click Here for Details

Targeted Tax Preferences are Unfair

Entrepreneurs drive employment and prosperity

Doubling State’s 1,100 Wind Turbines Won’t Replace This One Coal/Gas Plant

Michigan’s electric utilities gamble that the reliability of service won’t collapse

Hating Trump More Than Loving America

Democrats using every tool to sabotage a duly elected President Click Here for Story

Live Louisiana Governor Race Results

Click Here for Info

Yes Hunter Biden Should Testify

(Photo by ALEX WONG/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) Another Democrat star witness implicates the Biden connection Clic?k Here for Details

Troops Move In?

Chinese troops moving into Hong Kong Click Here for Story


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