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Divider in Chief

Joe Biden | TheHill

Biden shows his disdain for half of America as he denigrates Trump supporters and blames Trump for the phony “Insurrection” Click Here for Details

Postal Workers Know?

US postal workers unions want out of the Biden vaccine mandates? Click Here for Details

January 6th Was a Deep State Set Up?

Feds knew and were involved with their Antifa partners? Click Here for Details

Michigan Backslides In Moving Company’s 2021 Migration Data

United Van Lines moved more people out of the state than into it

The Takeover of America

Getting rid of the electoral college means liberals on the east and west coast will control government forever Click Here for Details


Vaccine adverse events are mounting in the US Click Here for Story

New Trial for Maxwell

Could a juror be the cause for a new trial and more importantly would the public actually see it this time? Click Here for Details

Politicized Hysteria

Democrats look to deflect from their failures by beating the dead horse of a phony insurrection Click Here for Details

Nuremberg 2.0?

Could forced vaccinations lead to new Nuremberg trials for those forcing untested vaccines on the world population? Click Here for Details

Revolution in Kazakhstan?

Protesters and police killed in riots Click Here for Story

Merck’s Covid Pill Not Welcome in India?

India won’t be adding Merck’s new Covid pill to the national treatment protocol over dangers Click Here for Details

Pelosi Is Hiding January 6th Information

This Week' Transcript 1-12-20: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, National  Security Adviser Robert O'Brien - ABC News

Why not open up Pelosi communications to investigation and the public? What is Pelosi hiding from the public? Click Here for Story

Can Biden Sterilize You?

Federal mandates affect YOU and your right to life Click Here for Details

America in Decline

Once again Democrats and its socialist and globalist allies are leading America to its demise Click Here for Story

Let Nature Run Its Course

Omicron is not as deadly and can bring us to heard immunity (unlike failed vaccines) like nature intended? Click Here for Story

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