The News YOU Need to Know Friday May 22, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Grinnell on Declass Spree?

Will this help speed up DNI Confirmation? Click Here for Story

POTUS in Michigan

Visits Rawsonville Ford plant Click Here for Story

Pathetic Partisans

Washtenaw County Commissioners show their hyper partisanship Click Here for Details

Thanks Whitmer. Michigan Unemployment Rate Jumps From 4% to 23.8% In One Month

Michigan jobless rate in April was 23.8%, U.S.14.4%

Media Fear Mongerers

Media is feeding the hype Click Here for Story

Township Board Rejects Locking Down Small Stores But Not Big Ones

They’re unanimous in not buying the rationale

Wray’s Role

IS FBI Director cleaning up or covering up? Click Here for Story

China Power Grab

Will the CCP use pandemic to takeover ? Click Here for Story

Schumer in Denial

Senator thinks Republicans are conspiracy nuts?? Click Here for Story

The Globalists

You know who they are Click Here for Story

Grandma Killers?

These governors should be held accountable for moving Covid infected into nursing homes Click Here for Story

CDC Changes Mind Again?

Now Covid NOT easy to get from surfaces? Click Here for Details

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