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America’s KGB

U.S. Senate confirms Merrick Garland as attorney general - Colorado Newsline

Americans are now fearing the corrupt FBI as the citizens of the Soviet Union feared the KGB Click Here for Details

Elitist Douchebag

Michael R. Bloomberg | National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg doesn’t want you to have energy Click Here for Story

Can New York Awake From Its Stupidity?

New Yorkers harangue AOC and her alleged plan to deal with the illegal immigrant crisis? Click Here for Details

Michigan clean energy bill has been through 8 drafts, but none are public

Bill submitted in April headed toward 9th revision, but original bill is all the public can see

The Disaster Scammers Are At It Again

Bill and Hillary Clinton revive their scandalous Clinton Foundation in Ukraine Click Here for Details

Gone Too Far…Ya Think?

Even liberal Senator Dick Durbin thinks changing the Senate Dress code for slob John Fetterman and his shorts and hoodies is too much Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Hiring Outright Liars

Brennan, Clapper lash out at Trump for declassifying 2016 election intel |  Fox News

Two of the biggest liars in signing a letter stating Hunter’s Laptop story was Russian disinformation get cushy jobs with the Biden Admin Click Here for Story

Drag Queen Recruiting

Why is the US Military using drag queens to recruit new soldiers? Click Here for Details

McCarthy Failing

Will a government shutdown happen? Why isn’t Speaker McCarthy keeping his promises to the right? Click Here for Story

Feds Opening the Border…Who Is Ordering This?

Biden’s DHS Cuts Razor Wire That Texas Put in Place to Close the Border. This is open treason and the DHS members need to be arrested Click Here for Story

The Dirty DOJ Cabal

Mark Levin names the names that are corrupting the Department of Justice Click Here for Details

Democrat Hypocrisy: Househusbands of DC

Meet the “Squads” husbands who are getting rich while their wives “serve” in Congress Click Here for Story

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