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Big Win for Elon!

Elon Musk wins trial over alleged “tweet disinformation” Click Here for Details

Hmmm What Could Go Wrong?

Scientists will bioengineer and bring back the extinct wooly mammoth. Haven’t we seen this before? Click Here for Details

Michigan’s coming energy crisis will be man-made

Michigan’s energy transition is a bait-and-switch move away from reliable energy

The Policing Problem Is Not a Racism Problem

Yes there may be training and personnel issues in some departments across the country but its not because of “white supremacy” Click Here for Story

Biden: Let them eat Hummers

Biden’s Hummer tweet, while supportive of the American auto industry, is inaccurate and unrealisticRead more

Joe Biden IS Compromised by China

This balloon disaster is confirmation Click Here for Details

Senate Republicans can stop Whitmer’s attempts to trade income tax cut for corporate welfare

Whitmer’s great switcheroo must work on a tight timeline. Will Senate Republicans preserve a tax cut for their voters? Read more

China Tries to Spin Its Military Attack on the US into Victmization

China has invaded other sovereign nation’s airspace repeatedly. They are attacking the world, the US balloon incident is just the latest Click Here for Story

China Runs the Biden Admin?

Biden Admin’s Special Envoy John Kerry is now under investigation for dealings with China Click Here for Details

NATO Looking to Escalate?

Why so much effort to escalate the Ukraine conflict instead of negotiating? Click Here for Story

Infrastructure At Risk

Attacks on Electrical Substations Raise Alarm

Are we protecting the US electrical grid enough? Click Here for Details

Why the US is A Car Society

Over 67% of Americans drive to work alone Click Here for Story

How to Stop Our Children From Becoming Socialists

Ron DeSantis shows how to retake college socialist propaganda sites from their woke anti-American handlers Click Here for Story

AP News Has Shown Its Hand As Purechina biden


AP News joins ranks of death cult by denigrating pro-life organizations Click Here for Story

The UN Doesn’t Believe in Self Defense

UN official blasts Israel for letting its citizens carry guns against terrorists Click Here for Details

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