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Stop With the Voter Suppression Nonsense

Requiring ID is not voter suppression, GOP State election integrity laws are not voter suppression Click Here for Story

German Navy Officer Causes a Ruckus

Refers to China as the real threat not Russia? Click Here for Details

U-M Mandated Vaccines In July To Control Epidemic; They Didn’t

The Last Company You’d Think Was Woke

Carhartt getting boycotted for their woke and unscientific mandates on employees Click Here for Story

Superintendent: No Kitty Litter Placed In School Restrooms For Students Who Identify As Animals

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Spinning for DHS

Biden Admin recruiting journalists to spin the border disaster Click Here for Story


US Russia relations are getting worse. You can’t look weak when dealing with strong man autocrats like Vladimir Putin Click Here for Story

Cold War Lessons

What direction should the US take in an era of possible new cold wars? Click Here for Details

New Hampshire Will Welcome Ivermectin?

Is there a change in attitude coming for Ivermectin as a COvid treatment? Click Here for Details

Fraudulent Testing?

A tube containing a coronavirus test swab is labeled "positive."

Covid testing scandal is getting some legal attention Click Here for Story

Pushing for Freedom

Protests growing in Europe against government overreach with Covid rules Click Here for Details

Not Even Close…

New York Governor’s comparison of masking kids to making them wear sneakers is way off base Click Here for Details

Blame Biden for High Fuel Prices? YES

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