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Do YOU See Now? The Democrat Laundering

The fall of the FTX 'King of Crypto' Sam Bankman-Fried - BBC News

Billions of US taxpayer dollars go to Ukraine get laundered through Crypto back to US Democrats Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

Haven’t Seen The Epstein Maxwell Client List?

Ghislaine Maxwell: Jury sees never-before-seen photos of Epstein and  defendant - BBC News

Wonder why no more, your government is in on it? Click Here for Story

Socialism is Winning?

With brainwashed youth and cheating going unpunished the US as we know it is dying Click Here for Details

Woke Broke or Recession

Disney to layoff employees is it the recession or their turn to anti-family woke values? Click Here for Story

Lame Duck Congress Will Open Debt Limit?

If Democrats lose the House will they tackle the debt ceiling as lame ducks? Click Here for Story

Biden Wants Your Kids Sooner

If you think Gen Z is brainwashed wait until the Democrats get children into government schools at age 3? Click Here for Details

Republicans Can’t Beat Mass Mail In Ballots

Democrats have the scam cornered and corrupt elections will continue as long as it is allowed Click Here for Details

Biden Crypto Corruption?

Crypto scam billionaire was at the White House just 6 months ago? Click Here for Story

Small New Hampshire Town Gives Dem Senate Candidate Maggie Hassan over 1100 Votes…

Problem is only 700 people live there ? Click Here for Details

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