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FTX Scammers Interfered in Arizona Election?

Katie Hobbs: Debating Kari Lake 'doesn't do any service to the voters'

More ties to Democrats with the FTX bankruptcy scam Click Here for Story


Could phony conservative Justin Amash actually be Speaker of the House? Click Here for Details

Please Just Stop The Woke Stupidity

Daylight Savings Time is racist??? Click Here for Story

Michigan museums and zoos cash in with 2023 state budget

Lawmakers were generous in granting the public’s money to private institutions Read more

Manchin’s Mistake

Opinion | The Revolution Joe Manchin (Probably) Can't Stop - POLITICO

West Virginia’s senior Senator has a big problem because of his mistake in trusting his fellow Democrats Click Here for Story

Wind industry strikes against local zoning control in Michigan

After losing big in township votes, turbine companies seek state preemption of local rules Read more

Have Chinese Citizens Had Enough?

Protests grow in China over government abuse with lockdowns Click Here for Story

Biden Hurting Farmers

Biden Admin policies are unduly hurting American farmers, is this by design? Click Here for Story

Want to Stop Special Interests?

The the GOP House needs to go back to banning earmarks Click Here for Details

Universities Are Indoctrination Centers

Parents pay big money for college educations only to have their children indoctrinated into socialism and woke agendas Click Here for Story

What Has Ukraine Done With All the Money?

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Refuses American Offer for Evacuation

No oversight and now Ukrainian citizens may freeze this winter? Click Here for Details

Corrupt FBI?

Yes it looks like the FBI is setting people up Click Here for Story

Lying Schiff

Adam Schiff calls for investigation after report of his phone records being  seized by Trump DOJ - POLITICO

January 6th commitee will be scrubbing evidence before it makes its final report before the GOP takeover of the HOuse Click Here for Details

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