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Taking Away Your Energy

The ultimate goal of the Biden regime? To remove energy, make what is available costly and unattainable and destroy YOUR way of life Click Here for Story

New Polling Shows Biden Way Down Against Trump

Its early but voters are finally seeing the disaster of Democrats and Biden despite the media’s attempt to cover it up Click Here for Story

Banning Ballot Drop Boxes

Wisconsin Supreme Court bans the unlawful ballot drop boxes that stole the 2020 election? Click Here for Details

Whitmer pension grants are a $553M bailout for governments

Michigan municipalities that made promises they can’t keep get half-billion dollar bailout

Don’t Be A Fetterman

Reporter tries getting into New York restaurants dressed like slob Senator John Fetterman and guess what happens Click Here for Story


Senator Durbin won’t ask Senator Menendez to resign despite charges and proof of corruption Click Here for Story

China Hegemony Strengthens

Despite rumors of problems at home China ramps up its bullying in the South China Sea Click Here for Story

Elitists Want to be The Guardians of the Planet?

Despite the biggest of carbon footprints why do the wealthy think they know best how to save the planet? Click Here for Details

Stopping the War Against Common Sense Decorum?

Senator Manchin leads group against the removal of Senate dress code Click Here for Story

Merrick Garland Knows What Ray Epps Is…

The puny charges against Ray Epps are proof of his collaboration with the Feds themselves? Click Here for Details

Bidenomics …Hurting You

Biden is increasing regulations to increase cost of goods on Average Americans Click Here for Story

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