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Elon Letting Loose…

To Save Twitter, Elon Musk Should Fire Himself

Twitter was actively suppressing Hunter Biden lap top info in order to interfere in the 2020 election and Elon Musk is showing us the proof Click Here for Details

Inflation IS Terrible And About to Get Worse?

And its Biden and the Democrats that are to blame Click Here for Story

Who Stole Herschel Walkers Votes?

Analysis: Herschel Walker is the ultimate test to the Trump rule of  politics | CNN Politics

Evidence so far shows at least 20,000 votes were taken from Herschel Walker Click Here for Story

Pork Friday: Michigan lawmakers gave $300K to a Little League organization

A California nonprofit raked in $950K; a Detroit boxing gym got $500K

China Interfered in Our Elections

Tik TOk was used as a weapon against politicians Click Here for Story

Biden touts unions at nonunion factory in Bay City

Biden is set to rack up some wins. But will it help him? | The Hill

SK Siltron in Bay City is not staffed by union labor; Michigan unions down 140K members since 2012Read more


A story that needs to be heard to help stop our children from making terrible mistakes Click Here for Story

Union Government Collusion?

US Department of Education was coordinating with unions Click Here for Details

Our Government Is Involved in Child Trafficking?

According to whistleblower…yes Click Here for Story

What’s Off on Job Numbers and the Economy?

Something seems rigged Click Here for Story

Biden Admission: Warnock Votes 100% with Me

But don’t tell Georgians that he says Click Here for Details

Tied At the Hip?

Apple helps the CCP suppress information and dissent in China and they’re doing the same in America with the Democrats Click Here for Story

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