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Biden’s Dishonest Speech

Disgraceful and pathetic describes Biden’s Georgia speech on election bill Click Here for Story

More FBI Funny Business

Why isn’t the FBI charging the most egregious January 6th violators? Why are they dropping searches for them? Because they were FBI plants? Click Here for Details

State Budget Loaded With Local, Special Interest Earmarks

‘Christmas-tree’ budgets return to Lansing

Sliding Extra Pork Into Defense Bill?

Did Senate Leader Schumer and Senator Lindsey Graham slide this provision into the latest defense bill? You have to ask about payback don’t you? Click Here for Details

Ignoramus Gets Suspended?

Ferris State University suspends professor who has gone off the deep end Click Here for Story

Vaccine Is Worthless?

Pfizer CEO’s admission should tell you what is happening Click Here for Details

Deep State War Drums?

Is Russia prepping for war in Ukraine or is the deep state looking to start one? Click Here for Story

Standing FOR The Filibuster: Senators Sinema and Manchin Stay Strong …

Only 2 Democrat Senators push back against Democrat agenda of undoing the Republic to gain control for the socialist agenda Click Here for Story

Who Hacked Ukraine?

Was it really Russia or something more sinister? Click Here for Details

Biden Calls Americans Racist

Most Americans want secure elections but Biden calls that racist Click Here for Story

The Secret Police Stalking You…

Biden looks to collect religious info on the non-vaccinated Click Here for Story

The Biden Economy

Consumer sentiment drops to 2nd lowest level in 10 years Click Here for Story

The New Axis of Evil?

China and Iran grow dangerously close? Click Here for Details

Go Figure…

Lies from Biden backed solar company? Click Here for Details

Being Right Triggers the Left


Ron Johnson in the Senate

Ron Johnson is always at odds with the left and his track record looks good Click Here for Story


Mitch McConnell is still looking to stop real conservatives from getting elected? Click Here for Story

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