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Covid Stupidity

Biden Admin requires truckers to be vaccinated but not illegal immigrants who are pouring across the border Click Here for Story

Pelosi To Blame for January 6th Protest

Trump asked for National Guard Pelosi turned it down Click Here for Story

War On Children

Democrats claim the high road but when it comes to children every rule, mandate and regulation is hurting America’s kids Click Here for Details

A New Federal Money Scam?

What is the Fed’s intent with issuing a new Federal Digital Dollar? Click Here for Details

The Cost of Accepting Violence

Two years of violent crime are leading us to the point of no return

Has an acceptance of unacceptable behavior endangered our country? Click Here for Story

Healthcare NOT a Human Right If You Aren’t Vaccinated?

The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds as they deny life saving care to those wo aren’t taking the vaccine Click Here for Details

Austria Didn’t Learn From Their Hitler Mistake?

Austrian Parliament votes to force vaccine mandate on all adults Click Here for Story

Backtracking for Biden

Jen Psaki tries to backtrack on Biden commenting that the 2022 election won’t be legitimate Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Funding Terror Groups?

Transparency is not a Biden Admin strength when it comes to sending money to Palestine Click Here for Details

IRS Wants More Than Your Money

The department is looking to force biometric data from you Click Here for Story

Biden Won’t Run in 2024?

According to Andrew Yang he won’t Click Here for Story

Long Overdue

Republican National Committee won’t use the liberally biased Commission on Presidential Debates for 2024 election Click Here for Details

How to Fix Inflation

Listen to Podcast for insights on America’s destructive inflation Click Here for Story

Does Build Back Better Include Biden’s New War?

IS it the globalists, the Democrats, China or someone else trying to stoke a new war with Russia? Click Here for Details

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