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How Deep Are Democrats in China’s Pockets?

China bill being touted by Democrats is just another cover up for an anti-American agenda? Click Here for Story

Is It Time To Impeach?

President Joe Biden speaks during the U.S. Conference of Mayors annual winter meeting in Washington on Jan. 21.

The Biden Admin is secretly flying illegals all over the US is it time to impeach Biden for ading and abetting criminal behavior? Click Here for Details

The January 6th Set Up?

Doors to access the Capitol Building were opened from THE INSIDE Click Here for Story

One Good Attorney General

Virginia’s new Attorney General Miyares sides with the rights of students against vaccine mandates by Universities Click Here for Story

Michigan Legislature Approves Taxpayer-Funded Subsidies For Affluent Home Buyers

Fiscal agency reports the money will flow to people who likely don’t really need it

We Have Failed Our Children

Actress Goldie Hawn says Covid rules to protect adults has caused great mental harm to our children Click Here for Story

BoJo’s Scandal

UK Prime Minister’s scandals may have been getting covered up by Scotland Yard? Click Here for Story

What Are Embalmers Finding in Arteries and Veins of the Dead?

New odd issue seems to be getting worse and becoming more frequent Click Here for Story

Bush Family Tied to China Money

Once again the elites are being tied to overseas money Click Here for Details

What Caused Inflation?

The outrageous and un-necessary $trillions in government spending Click Here for Story

How Woke Can They Go?

Biden’s nominee for SCOTUS will probably be as far leftist as they can find? Click Here for Story

Biden Pays China

Why is the Biden Admin giving Covid test contracts to the Chinese who released the virus on the world? Click Here for Story

Who Are The Globalists Looking to Reset America and the World

Its the greedy and corrupt, the rich and powerful? Click Here for Details

Pennsylvania: Mail In Voting IS Unconstitutional

Court strikes down Pennsylvania election law Click Here for Story

Big Lie of 2024

The Elite, RINOs and Democrats will look to stop Trump, MAGA and any American who wants to put America first for the 2024 election Click Here for Story

Fauci’s Lying Friends?

Scientists downplayed Covid lab leak theory in public had a very different opinion in private Click Here for Details

Democrats Ruined the World Because They Didn’t Like Mean Tweets

Getting rid of Trump has cost Americans trillions in inflation, thousands of lives lost to Covid, decimated our economy but it may also have cost peace in the rest of the world Click Here for Story

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