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What Was This Paul Pelosi Attack?

Husband of Speaker Pelosi attacked in home by hammer but why was the attacker in his underwear and where was the Speaker’s security detail Click Here for Details

Does China Control Another US University

Woke agendas and Chinese control of research at the University of Oklahoma Click Here for Details

MSU has won more in last 15 years, but Michigan is the victor in getting taxpayer dollars

The teams will compete Saturday in Ann Arbor for the Paul Bunyan Trophy

Flat Out Liar

Joe Biden gets caught in possibly his biggest whopper yet, says gas was already $5 dollars a gallon when he took office…the fact is the national average on his inaugurations was $2.39 per gallon Click Here for Details

Whitmer didn’t raise gas taxes, but not for lack of trying

She dismissed the idea she would raise taxes by 20 cents per gallon, then pushed for 45 centsRead more

Sanity Back at Twitter?

Trump says it seems Musk is going to bring sanity back to Twitter but he isn’t sure he’ll go back Click Here for Story

Schumer Being Truthful or Playing a Game

How did Senator Schumer get caught on a hot mic concerning Georgia Senate race Click Here for Story

Targeting Freedom of Speech

Whistleblower says the FBI will target anyone pushing “Misinformation” s an election crime? Who will be the judge of “Misinformation”? Click Here for Details

Digging In…

Elon Musk locks out Twitter staff and brings in Tesla engineers to investigate software and codes? Click Here for Story

Shoe On the Other Foot?

With a House and/or Senate takeover the GOP will now be able to investigate the Democrats but this time the crimes are real not phony Click Here for Details

Making Twitter Great Again?

Musk fires top liberal and woke brass at Twitter Click Here for Story

The Crazy Democrats Are Endangering Society

President interviews with man who identifies as a woman? Is this what’s important to Americans right now? Click Here for Story

Bloated Bills

Nancy Pelosi like all Democrats loads up any bill that has current interest with pork Click Here for Story

Tyrannical Biden

The Biden DOJ and FBI are trampling on the rights of average Americans Click Here for Details

Google Manipulating Elections?

Illustration picture shows the Google logo, during a visit to the Google company in Ghlin on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Google data centre in Belgium, Friday 21 October 2022. (Photo by NICOLAS MAETERLINCK/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

Why is Google manipulating GOP campaign search results isn’t this election interference? Click Here for Story

Why Is The Biden Admin Giving George Soros Money?

George Soros

Soros’ open border group got millions from the Biden regime Click Here for Details

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