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Legally Disturbing

Merrick Garland grilled by House over Hunter Biden, Donald Trump cases -

US Attorney General Merrick Garland has shown he’s as corrupt as the rest of the Biden Administration Click Here for Details

Border Invasion

Texas Governor Declares what everyone else has been saying Click Here for Story

Disgusting Dana

Dana Nessel wins second term as Michigan Attorney General | WWMT

Michigan Attorney General is a disgrace as she calls people she charges for phony crimes “brainwashed”. If true why are you charging them? Click Here for Story

Biden Giving Illegals IDs

Its all about having new voters for 2024? Click Here for Story

Report: UAW spokesman seeks ‘reputation damage’ of automakers in negotiations

Detroit News report finds ill intent expressed in text messages

Soros Owns Republicans Too

George Soros spent $40M getting lefty district attorneys, officials elected  all over the country

Its not just Democrat politicians George Soros owns its Republican ones too Click Here for Details

Biden bypasses Congress to create climate corps, Whitmer announces Michigan version

No experience, no problem: Biden jobs program will subsidize 20,000 workers; Michigan will start with 30Read more

Dirty Bob Menendez

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has been investigated before but this time the proof is damning Click Here for Story

Ukraine Hits Russia’s Black Sea Headquarters…

Massive explosions were heard throughout the Russian-held city

Massive missile attack does major damage in Crimea Click Here for Details

Devolving Society

Society is turning into a fictional movie set Click Here for Story

Spiraling Inflation

teaser image

Think things are bad they could get a lot worse Click Here for Details

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