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Senator Diane Feinstein Dead at 90…

Dianne Feinstein, the US Senate's longest-serving Jewish member, dies at 90  | The Times of Israel

Who will Governor Newsome appoint? Click Here for Details

Just Another Branch of Democrats

GOP controlled House goes ahead with Democrats to send more money to the grift hole of Ukraine Click Here for Story

Recipient of $65M confident Marshall project will resume

Since Monday, three top officials have portrayed Ford pause as a tactic in UAW negotiations

Detroit’s Ex-Police Chief To Run for Senate?

James Craig

Looks like former Chief James Craig may throw his hat in the ring for Michigan’s US Senate seat Click Here for Details

Democrat Hypocrites

Democrats are crying about the investigation to impeach Joe Biden when they tried to impeach Trump with absolutely no evidence Click Here for Details

Nessel tries again to shut down Line 5

Attorney General offers no alternate method for transporting 540,000 barrels of fuel dailyRead more

UAW Strike Expands

Additional production plants hit by UAW Click Here for Story

Canadian Nazis?

Trudeau and the government of Canada hailed an ex-Nazi. What does this say about the Canadian dictatorship under Trudeau Click Here for Story

Illegal Flood

Border towns drowning in illegal migrants as Biden’s DHS leave border wide open Click Here for Story

Elon At The Border…

Car, Twitter and Space-X magnate investigates Biden’s open border Click Here for Story

No One Cares About GOP Debate

Conservative voters are backing Trump they want government cleaned up and the only outsider who an do it is Trump Click Here for Details

Woman Voters Need to Pay Attention…

Democrats don’t think conservative women deserve support Click Here for Story

Run Robert Run!

Will RFK Jr. now run as independent after Democrats block him from competing against Joe Biden? Click Here for Story

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