The News YOU Need to Know Sunday March 28, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Free Speech vs “Woke Culture”

Professor wins in appeals court over “preferred pronoun” issue Click Here for Story

Vote Wars

Dems and GOP begin the war on voting process in Georgia Click Here for Details

High School Prom Planners Await Government Permission

Midland schools warn dancing may be banned

No Respect for Life

Teenage girls caught on video murdering Uber eats driver Click Here for Story

The Inevitable Decline?

Is our civilization deteriorating? Click Here for Story

Filibuster Hypocrites

Democrats call the filibuster racist but used it 300 times last year alone Click Here for Story

Idiot Leftists

Media finally fires a reporter who falsely blamed a white man for the terror shooting in Boulder Click Here for Story

Fuhrer Biden

Biden commemorates anniversary of Charlottesville 'Unite the Right ...

Biden will use EOs to go after 2nd Amendment rights Click Here for Story

States Must Do What a Corrupt Federal Government Won’t

Big Tech's Outsized Influence Draws State-Level Pushback

States look to hold Big Tech accountable Click Here for Details

Climate Corruption

The fleecing of America will continue with complete Democrat control Click Here for Story

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