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The Cheat Is In Your Face

After a week of manufacturing votes Democrats take Nevada Senate seat from winner Adam Laxalt? Click Here for Story

Michigan will be less free and more regulated in 2023

Expect water rights to be challenged and homeschools to be regulated

Arizona Election Being Stolen

Journalists removed from county property to stop reporting on the steal being enacted by Katie Hobbs and the corrupt Maricopa county? Click Here for Story

The Climate Gender Scam?

The Democrat climate scam is now involving “gender equity”? Click Here for Story

Another Disaster For Ronna

GOP factions calling for change to GOP leadership Ronna McDaniel (Romney) has failed again Click Here for Story

Despite the Midterm Reprieve Democrats Are Losing Support

Key voter segments are seeing that Democrat socialism does not work for them Click Here for Details

With 600,000 Votes Still to be Counted in Arizona Why are Races Being Called by the Media?

For the 2nd time in two election cycles the problems in Arizona clearly show incompetence and most likely fraud Click Here for Story

Politicized IRS

Democrats are weaponizing the IRS to stop Trump from running in 2024 why are they so scared of an outsider? Are they afraid the corruption in DC will be exposed? Click Here for Details

IS Everything You See From Government and Media a Psyop?

You’re not getting the truth. You know it, we all know it but is it even worse than you think? Click Here for Details

US Is An Embarrassment

President Joe Biden fumbled over his words during a speech in Egypt on Friday.

Biden embarrasses the United States again this time at Climate conference in Egypt Click Here for Story

Blame McConnell for the Senate Losses

McConnell spent millions on his bad RINO picks and ignored the races that could have been won did he do it on purpose? Click Here for Details

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